Lock down? Look up!

Today a little more personal…

Lock down

Now we are back in lock down. Well bravo. Everything again from the beginning. Again and again there are new measures, new regulations, disaster reports, doubters about the whole Corona pandemic speak out, critical voices are raised. Slowly you don’t know what you can believe anymore. As someone who lives on the border between Austria and Bavaria, I have to deal with regulations in both countries. Like a sword of Damocles, the question swings over you: “Will the kids still be allowed to go to school tomorrow, or is the exhausting homeschooling coming up again?” What happens at the workplace? Must there be weekly Corona tests for commuters? And so on.

So far so bad.

How am I doing with that?

I thought to myself, if you read the salt and light page like that, you must think: “This guy has no problems!” “He’s doing just fine.” Or am I wrong in that assumption?

When Corona started, my intention was that I wanted to spread a little hope in the world with the website, encourage people in this strange situation, make God’s word known. I got a lot of strength and ideas from above. I am happy and thankful for that. I have the intention more than ever, but lately I have to fight myself.

At the moment many things are coming my way, be it the savings program at my employer, responsibility for my family, heart surgery of a dear family member, zoom and skype is exhausting me, friends you don’t see very often, uncertainty about how things will continue with Corona, when we will be allowed to visit grandma and grandpa in Germany again, stress from the community environment. That was already exhausting and exhausting. Then came the weekly corona test for commuters, which was the last straw. That really got me down. I needed some time off and this week I’m at home with my family, which is good for me.

Now I’m at the point where maybe some of you are: Down in the valley. You don’t want to let it get you down, but you lack the strength to fight. And now?

Look up!

Actually, I have written this many times before: Turn to God!

Throw all your worries on him, for he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

Now I realize that it is not always so easy to look upwards. It drags me down. I’m really worried. Some nights I haven’t slept at all or I slept very badly.

Hence the time out. Away from everyday life, away from Corona. And the plan is that I want to turn more to God again, pray more, read more Bible, write more on the website again. I hope – and believe! – that this will also work.

That’s it for today. One more bible verse for you:

The picture is hanging in our living room since a few days now thanks to my wife.

The first steps have been taken, I am on the road again. And I will report in the near future how it went on.

Until then: God’s blessing!

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