Who is Jesus? (II)

The other morning the thought popped into my head: How to describe Jesus? How does the Bible describe Him? What facets can you discover in Him? Part 2…

If you expect an exhaustive, complete answer, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I cannot give it to you.

But: In a short time I have written down a list, which I have added to again and again. What I have discovered, I want to share with you. However, this picture will never be complete. Jesus can simply never be fully fathomed because He is simply God’s Son and we only have our limited, human brain. However, you can still try to get to know Him better and better by building a personal relationship with Him.

Now around Easter is a great time to think about Jesus….

The next 24 statements of the Bible about Jesus

To part 1.

The Bible verses are quoted from the English Standard Version.

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