Love Challenge For Men

Maybe not necessarily what you understand by “challenge” in the first place. But if you really take it seriously, you’ll soon realize what’s what!

Paul writes some verses in chapter 5 of the letter to the Ephesians:

…Remember the word: “A man leaves his parents and is so closely united with his wife that the two are one with body and soul. This is a great mystery…

…Therefore also the men shall love their wives as their own bodies. Now he who loves his wife loves himself…

…You men, love your wives as Christ loves his church: He gave his life for them…

Strong words!

How do you feel about them?

Do you ever ask yourself “Why did I get married?” Or do you think “Wow, the new head secretary looks really good. When I look at my wife…” Or do you think that your marriage is just everyday life, nothing exciting? Do you only live together? Where has the love gone? Am I only with her for comfort and because she does my laundry?

When after a certain time the rose-colored glasses slip off and the stressful everyday life takes over in the relationship/ marriage, the partner may have the odd “fault” or two, some things do bother you at first – what’s going on?

That is quite normal. Falling in love is the high feeling we have when we see our beloved, but real love always has something to do with a decision. A decision to say “yes”. Doesn’t mean that men can’t still feel a tingling sensation when they see their wife even after years!

What if this “yes” becomes more and more difficult or becomes a “maybe”? At the latest then, you should do something. I have a challenge for you that might be able to help you:

Sit down and think about what you like about your wife, what you love about her, what nice memories you have of her and your time together, what is sexy about her, where you admire her, what she is good at, where she has surprised you and does it again and again. Write that down. You do this for 6 days. And then you formulate a letter to her and write all the great things you found in it. Then on Sundays you set the breakfast table, a nice gift and the letter with it. What do you think happens then?

I’m sure it will do her good – and make you aware of what you have in her!

Have fun!

And if you like, you are welcome to share your experiences with us using the comment function!

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