No Half Measures

Some half things are great:

  • Half a beer
  • Half a chicken
  • Half a million dollars or pounds
  • Half a kingdom

But if you think about it carefully: The whole thing would be great in each case!


Some things are quite a mess when they are half:

  • Half a corona mask
  • Half a protective gear
  • Half a salary
  • Half a car

Not only a crap, but also useless.

With God it is the same: He wants to do whole things with us. Not just to believe a little bit. To live a little with God. Be a little bit Christian. Nevertheless we do it!

But… you can’t treat religion like a kind of buffet. I mean, you can’t say, yes, I take something from heavenly paradise and also a portion of divine providence, but when I kneel I hold back, and please don’t take anything from the ban on pictures, it gives me flatulence. Either everything or nothing, because otherwise it would be… stupid.

Feucht von Lipwig, Ab die Post (Going postal), page 206, Terry Pratchett

I like that quote. It speaks a truth. As soon as the faith becomes “strenuous”, we delete the passage from the Bible (wouldn’t be so bad?!?) and continue as before.

But that is wrong:

You shall love him with all your heart, with all your devotion and with all your strength.

Deuteronomy 6:5

This is what God wants from us: Not just a part of our life, but everything! 100 percent! Tutto completti! Even when it hurts and is exhausting. Even if it challenges us and takes us to our limits. Our reward is life under God’s guidance – and that is guaranteed to be the best thing that can happen to us! Try it!

Be blessed!

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