You’re beautiful


Admittedly, my teenage years were a while ago and I don’t really know what really moves teenagers today, because things are constantly changing. But I also know that there are topics that are always talked about: Friendship, parents, the first sex, teachers, and: one’s own self.

Man, how do I look!?!

When you turn eleven or twelve, you change. Mentally and physically. I think some of you have a hard time accepting the changes that nature brings. You grow to unimaginable heights and often you see drossy boys. Hair grows in all sorts of impossible places and maybe not always the way you want it. You look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Oh my gosh, that’s me?!?” The nose too big, the hips too wide, the beard too fluffy, the teeth too crooked, the breasts too small. And there’s a mole in the middle of my nose. And pimples. Well bravo!
Then you watch Germany’s Next Topmodel and see the slim, beautiful girls strutting around. In the commercials, only shapely male and female bodies. And in the movies, the fat guys are usually the (faithfully) stupid guys. And yourselves! Shit! Miles away from the top model or muscle body.

One could despair

One question: Who actually says that people who have a little more on their hips are not beautiful? That a big nose is a flaw? That small breasts can’t be sexy? The media that sprinkle us daily have a great influence on our image of beauty and thus on our self-image. Nobody claims that they are always right!

First of all, you don’t have to be perfect. I myself could stand a few kilos less, I will never become a muscle man, no matter how much I train, the receding hairline can no longer be covered up by skillful combing and what is actually a bit disgusting: When you get older, you should try to keep your nose hair in check… Fortunately, you still have some time until then.

What I want to say: Everybody has – no matter how old – his little mistakes and quirks. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference!


You are a human being wanted and loved by God! Just as you are. That is irrefutably certain. Everyone who claims something else is wrong. Yes, you have your little – apparent – mistakes, but that is exactly what makes you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful, that you have to be perfect. Because nobody is. You can relax. Gratefully accept the changes in your life, in your body, and be excited about how it will continue.

You are valuable in God’s eyes – so valuable that He gave His Son for you. You can know this and with this knowledge: Be brave and strong, don’t let any people get you down. Words can hurt, that is true. But you can bring these hurts to Jesus – he will take care of them.

And remember: You are beautiful, no matter who says what!

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

In my opinion this is THE song for this topic – click, enjoy, think!

I wish you God’s blessing!

By the way: When I look at my teenage photos – you can’t look any more stupid than that. And still I got a great wife and four great kids! So much for that…

One of the best ones…

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