2021: The World Wide Web

Many stars and starlets have followers on Twitter or Facebook. There are influencers on YouTube and models on Instagram. From celebrities to product tests, life hacks and craft tips to life wisdom, everything can be found. Sometimes more, sometimes less smart presented. Of course, the advertising industry is keen to attract the right influencers, some of whom can make a good living from it. You live off millions of likes and always have to fear shitstorms if you post something “wrong”. Within seconds, everyone knows what Barack Obama thinks, Derek Carr had for lunch or Heidi Klum is wearing today.

You may think what you want about these things, but they are reality.


That would be a dream for any Youtuber! But being an influencer and having followers is not an invention of modern times. I would say it already existed 2000 years ago. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that Jesus, with 2.26 billion followers, is probably the biggest influencer there ever was and ever will be! Moreover, no other person has shaped the history of mankind, our society today as He has! Everywhere we encounter the traces of Jesus and the Bible: the many churches and cathedrals, the golden rule, in proverbs, names, movies and books, the Basic Law, Christmas traditions, holidays and so on, just to name a few things.

The first followers

The coolest part is how Jesus got His first followers: To two fishermen He goes, tells them to leave their nets and follow Him. He would make them fishers of men. Peter and Andrew don’t flinch for long and follow Jesus through thick and thin. And they are not the only ones. He has twelve followers from the first hour and they become more and more: Because people realize that this man has something to say that will change their lives. From the ground up. Not just new nail polish or fancy shoes. No. A life with Jesus changes the thinking, the acting and has eternity perspective. It gives meaning to life on earth. It goes deeper and does not just scratch the surface. What Jesus asks, however, is not only a short liking, but He wants you to follow Him completely! With everything you have! Take care of your life with God, then you will get everything you need – that’s what Jesus promises!

The good thing is: You don’t have to be a faith specialist or a particularly good person to follow Jesus. EVERYONE can come. He went straight to the people who were despised in society.

Tell me who you follow and I will tell you who you are.

We don’t pick our influencers at random. The ones we like and like well, whose topics are of interest to us, whom we find likeable, these are the people we admire, whom we believe, whom we trust.

I encourage you to join the greatest influencer of all time! Don’t hesitate, subscribe to his channel today. Become a follower of Jesus. With him you will find the best life hacks, you are guaranteed to get likes from him. He doesn’t want to sell you anything, but give you eternal life. He means well with you and will stand by you in everything you experience. He laughs and cries, suffers and rejoices, walks and stands with you. He is always with you without you having to turn on your smartphone. The battery is never empty. No one else offers you that!

It is worth it!

Be blessed!

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