Divine Certificate Of Good Conduct (Easter 2021)

A certificate of good conduct lists all of our “shameful deeds.” Some have nothing on it, some have accumulated a whole list of offenses. But many of the things we do that are wrong are not in there. Not every lie, every wickedness, every evil thought and so on is listed. But we know it, our fellow men know so many things from us and: Above all, God knows!

These things, our sins, separate us from God. God and sin do not go together. So what to do? God had thought of ways: In Old Testament times, Moses was given the Law, sacrifices were made for sins, and rituals were held. This had to be done not just once, but again and again. God sent prophets to call people to repentance. With a lot of severity and even more patience – a tireless wooing of God for his people.

Then, with Jesus, a new era dawned: Jesus did not abolish the law, but fulfilled it, made a sacrifice with His death on the cross so that we could be free from our sins. Our entries in our divine certificate of good conduct will be erased if we so desire. As with the police record, we cannot erase our entries ourselves. By no good deed. That is why we celebrate on Easter: the resurrection of Jesus and the washing clean of our faults!

God gives us the possibility to come to Him and to live with Him for eternity. There is no compulsion. Everyone is free to decide. There is nothing in small print or hidden paragraphs. But there is an entry; however in the “book of life”.

You just have to say “Yes!” That’s all!

Jesus says of himself:

To this Jesus replied to her: “I am the resurrection, and I am the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even if he dies.

John 11:25

That is good news!

I wish you a blessed Easter!

P.S. A movie tip: “Risen” with Joseph Fiennes, Cliff Curtis and Tom Felton (Trailer).

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