Steps on the moon

Moon Walk

July 21, 1969: Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon.

The moon landing is one of mankind’s most impressive achievements. Perhaps just behind the discovery of fire and the invention of ketchup. A lot of energy, money, know-how, creative power, inventiveness united to a great event: Man steps on another celestial body for the first time. I think that’s really great! Especially since I am a big science fiction fan and actually my dream job would be the captain of a spaceship…

Since the 60’s man flies more or less regularly into space, annually tens of satellites and probes are shot up and even space telescopes like Hubble or space stations (MIR and ISS) are installed. The Voyager probes from the 70s are scratching the edge of our solar system and manned flights to Mars are concretely being planned. What impressive accomplishments!

“Extraterrestrial” visit

Some time ago I read a quote from James B. Irwin:

I realized on the Moon that it is more important that Jesus Christ set his foot on Earth than man set his on the Moon.

James B. Irwin, Mission Apollo 15 (8th man on the moon)

Strong statement. And as I think: very humble. I mean, Irwin could have also boasted about being one of the few humans to walk on the moon and what great feats NASA technicians had accomplished. He could have praised humanity to the skies.

But he doesn’t. Why does he make this statement? Of course, I don’t know his exact motives, but I think that he understood that the incarnation of God is the greatest and most important historical event ever! The point in history marks the possibility of redemption and the overcoming of the gap between man and God for all mankind. For each individual. For you!


Jesus, through His death on the cross and His resurrection, sets us free from the guilt that we carry every day, that burdens us and separates us from God. The event of the Resurrection opens the door to Heaven, to Paradise, for us.

Do you believe this? Then everything is great!

If not: please think about it! About your life. Read the Bible. Pray. Seek God. Put Him to the test by looking at and testing His promises. Try to rely on His guidance. Test the Bible – the Word of God – for its truthfulness. And then decide! It is the most important decision in your life: Will you trust God or not?

Thank you for reading and God’s blessing!

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