Friends are essential people in the lives of all of us. A true friendship is a bulwark in time. God says from the very beginning: It is not good that man should be alone. And so it is.

Good friends – great friendship

  • Friends put their hand in the fire for each other.
  • Friends encourage each other.
  • Friends have time for each other.
  • Friends are there for each other.
  • Friends are loyal.
  • Friends are trustworthy.
  • Friends forgive each other.
  • Friends are honest – even if it hurts sometimes.
  • Friends share in the good times and the bad times.
  • Friends mean well.
  • Friends are not jealous of each other.

That is not all. You can think of many things that make up and describe friendship for you. Maybe you think now: I would also like to have such great friends, who do everything for me and are always there for me. It is like this: Your friends are only human. They will make mistakes. They may also disappoint you immeasurably. And if you are honest: Are you always as good a friend as you should be? I don’t want to make you feel bad now, because you are also a human being who makes mistakes. That’s just the way it is. I think that if each of the friends works on himself, a friendship can succeed even though the people who make it up are imperfect.

Eleanor Roosevelt has a piece of advice:

Friendship with yourself is quite important, because without it you cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Get rid of friends – this is how it works

  • Don’t keep appointments, never come on time – a real friend likes to wait.
  • Tell everything that your best friend confides in you.
  • A little lie can’t hurt, after all, it doesn’t hurt anyone.
  • Never trust another person!
  • Your friend tells you about his worries? What a sissy – don’t make such a fuss! You don’t want to hear that whining.
  • Getting in touch once or twice every leap year is enough. Let the other person contact you if he wants to talk to you.
  • Always give your friend good advice – whether he wants it or not – after all, you always know better.

Keep friends – this is good for your friendship

  • mutual respect and appreciation
  • meeting at eye level
  • honesty and openness
  • celebrating with each other, having fun and sharing cool experiences
  • talking and spending time together
  • helping and supporting each other

My teen years were a few years ago now, but with the wisdom of my age 😉 I give you the following advice: find people you like and trust and cultivate those friendships. Take your time, talk to them, share experiences with them. At first, many things may seem superficial, but you will notice that the friendship will grow, become deeper and stronger over time, weather many storms and bring you much more than you have to invest yourself. To have people – except now I say the spouse – with whom you share everything, with whom you go through thick and thin, who give you advice in difficult times: That is something incredibly valuable! It is worth fighting for!

In the Bible

There are many verses in the Bible about friendship. Here are just two:

Many so-called friends only hurt you, but a true friend stands by you more than a brother.

Proverbs 18,24

One can be easily overpowered, but two are a match for the attack. After all, it is said, “A rope of three cords does not easily break!”

Ecclesiastes 4,12

You will find the story of a very good friendship starting in 1 Samuel 18 – namely that of David and Jonathan. It is amazing what the two of them experience together and how the friendship – although Jonathan’s father hates David – lasts.

I wish you that you find good friends who accompany you throughout your life!

Thanks for reading and God’s blessing!

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