In prayer to him we express what we think, feel, what we want from God. It shows us how we stand by God and what our faith is like. What is the most important thing about prayer? Correct! That we pray at all!

  • Talk to God and take time to listen to Him. Sometimes He speaks through Bible verses, situations, other people, sometimes a single thought out of “nothing” is other people, etc.
  • Sometimes we don’t get what we want because we haven’t told God or because we never clearly formulated it.
  • Pray with perseverance for one thing! Romans 12:12 says: Be persevering in prayer!
  • Pray big! What does this mean? That we should not restrict God in his actions through our prayer – and thus with a lack of imagination that great things are happening. In Isaiah 54, God promises his people many descendants. In verse 2 God says: “Make wide the space of your tent, and spread out your tent covers! SPARE NOT!” I think this is how we should pray. Trust God to ALL! Even the impossible!
  • If God has shown you the way, take a risk in firm trust in God. Leave your comfort zone! Take a step of faith. Remove the net and the false bottom from your prayers. Don’t take extra precautions in case “things go wrong” (“if you can”). Sometimes you might make a fool of yourself. But what can happen? Nothing separates us from the love of God. Trust is rewarded! See Noah. He could also have said, “An ark here? In the middle of the pampas? Lord, with all respect! What would people say?” What does Genesis 6:22 say about this: “And Noah did all that God commanded him.” Now, we all know the end of that story…
  • Thank God for what He has done and for what He will do! With this you show on the one hand respect and humility before God and on the other hand trust in His power and His actions.

Be blessed!

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