Reasonable belief?!

For many people in Germany or Austria, God and faith don’t seem to be that important anymore. Why?

We want to believe in something!

There seem to be a lot of reasons. Whether they are good or not, I don’t want to judge. Indifference? Pride? Laziness? Fear? Arrogance? Wanting to be one’s own master? Because it is unreasonable? Or because we live in a scientifically enlightened world in which supernatural, extrasensory phenomena have no place?

But apparently the “mystical”, the inexplicable, is in our cradle. Many people are searching for something that can fill this inner void. Maybe there is something between heaven and earth after all! Not for nothing are esoteric fairs well attended, every daily newspaper has its own horoscope, there are conspiracy theories, card readers, alien belief, healing stones, lucky charms, urban legends, rituals such as knocking on wood, Friday the 13th and so on. Apparently, people want to believe in something. Not really. But… but it could possibly be possible and must go on the safe side. But actually I am reasonable and not superstitious.

Of course we can be enlightened and believe only in science: Many millions of coincidences and billions of years let the evolution develop man from the primeval soup. The big bang calls the universe into being. The natural constants have come into being by chance exactly as they must be.

To believe in God is ridiculous!

Is that so? I mean, if I look at the enumeration above, a belief in a living, loving God is not more unreasonable and more ridiculous than the enumerated.

Is it wrong to believe that an almighty God created the universe and life?

Is it wrong to believe that this God cares about us humans?

Of course, you can’t prove God. Nor do I want to try to do so. There are reasonable arguments for it. We can discover God when we look closely at nature, how everything works so well together, how wonderfully everything is created. We can experience God when we let Him participate in our lives. We can get to know Him when we read the Bible*, God’s love letter to us humans.

The question about God is the decisive question in the life of every human being – also in yours! It refers not only to the present, but also determines eternity. Therefore you should not ignore it. Go in search of your answers! No one else can do it for you.

Be blessed!

* By the way, it is one of the best historically documented and most reliably handed down books there is – for more details see the works by Josh McDowell.

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