Social Credits (English)

Social credits or social points, or quite loosely, “points for conforming behavior mandated by the state or certain individuals (groups).” This means that every person has a points account on which he can collect points, but also lose them. Through good and bad deeds. So: You start with 300 points. You help the homeless: +15 … Mehr Social Credits (English)

Finding Peace

Be still unto the LORD, and wait for him. Psalm 37:7 2023 is already half a year old… Perhaps this is a good opportunity to pause for a moment. What have I experienced this year? What am I grateful for? What is still to come? What has become important to me? Am I at peace … Mehr Finding Peace


Be patient. If you don’t do it with patience, you make it kaputt. Our pottery teacher Karen from Uganda That sucks! You’re standing at the checkout in the supermarket and the guy in front of you has been rummaging in his wallet for a cent coin for two minutes. Or the woman in front of … Mehr Patience

Inner wounds

Today I am writing more personally because I think this story from my life may help you if you are in a similar situation. Some time ago I read the book “The Secret of Your Strength” by Thomas Härry. It was very valuable for me. It is about emotional wounds that are inflicted on us … Mehr Inner wounds