Finding Peace

Be still unto the LORD, and wait for him.

Psalm 37:7

2023 is already half a year old…

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to pause for a moment.

What have I experienced this year?

What am I grateful for?

What is still to come?

What has become important to me?

Am I at peace with myself and with God?

What do I still want to achieve this year?

What has become important to me in 2022, after we had a very stressful summer and autumn, is that I have to consciously allow myself quiet times. Times when the soul catches up and I reflect on what’s been going on, become aware of how I’m doing. Times when I can collect myself. Just get out of the hamster wheel.

God tells us to come to rest: He gives man the Sabbath commandment. God knows how important it is to pause and get away from stress. But how can that be done when there is so much to do or when I have to worry and think about everything?

God says to you:

Do not worry! You may pray to God in every situation. Tell Him what is lacking and thank Him! Then God’s peace, which surpasses all our understanding, will keep your hearts and minds because you are united with Jesus Christ.

Philippians 4:6-7

You may leave your worries with God, He takes care of the affairs of His children! That is good to know. He will give you the necessary strength to carry out your tasks and to get through difficult situations. He wants to fill you with His peace. You can draw strength from Him. God is our eye in the storm. He is the anchor that holds our ship of life in place..

With this knowledge, it is easy to come to rest. So take time today and lie in the sun, enjoy the day, pray, think and rest.

A German song about God who is leading us to peace…

Thank you for reading and God’s blessing!

Zum Thema: Loslassen oder Sei stille dem Herrn!

Praxistipp zum Aufklappen

Im Dezember war ich mit meinem Schwager ein neues Auto kaufen. Erst zum Händler fahren, Probefahrt, Vertrag unterschreiben. Als wir dann auf der Rückfahrt waren, hat er etwas gesagt, was mich nachdenklich gemacht hat: “So, jetzt ist der Tag so erfolgreich gewesen, jetzt gehn wir was essen!” Und das haben wir auch gemacht.

Ein klasse Gedanke – wir haben etwas erreicht, halten inne und feiern das. Das sollte man öfters machen…

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