Change Part I

The world is changing,

I feel it in the water,

I feel it in the earth,

I smell it in the air.

Galadriel, from the movie “The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring”

We also feel the change in the real world. It is said: Nothing is as constant as change. Everything around us is changing. More and more and faster. It is almost impossible to keep up, many are left behind and more will be left behind.

Many things are changing…

  • The Corona regulations changed and change faster than a dog with the tail wags. At the moment, you don’t really know what you’re allowed to do anymore or not.
  • Movie stars and celebrity starlets rise and fall just as quickly (who was the first winner of America’s got talent?).
  • The knowledge of mankind doubles every 5 to 12 years (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Computers are getting faster and faster: Every 12 to 24 months the number of transistors on a chip doubles. With AI, computing power doubles every 3.5 months… (Source:
  • The world of work is changing rapidly. From industry 2.0 one hears no longer so much, rather from industry 4.0. In a few years many jobs for us humans will have settled and die out or taken over by AI and robots.
  • Society is changing (keyword: freedom of opinion).
  • Politics is changing (keyword: new alliances in the world).
  • The economy is changing (keyword: globalization).
  • The climate seems to be changing as well. The destruction of the environment is progressing.

Whether one likes it or not: It is so! And some who look into the future get scared. What kind of world will my children live in? Will they be well off? Is there still peace? What if there are even worse pandemics?

On the other hand, change doesn’t have to be bad at all – just as the old ways don’t always have to be bad. Many things have gotten better: There are universal human rights for all – unlike the monarchies of the past. Slavery has been abolished – after several thousand years! Women are allowed to vote – at least in Western societies. In Germany, that was only a hundred years ago. Science makes great progress. Technical solutions for small and large problems are developed. And so on.

Other change are natural, is that continental plates are shifting. Mountains erode. Rivers change their course. Volcanoes change the face of the earth. Even the moon is moving further and further away from the earth. Day and night change, tide and tide, warm and cold.

God stays God

Only one thing remains constant: God. He was and is and remains the same one God. He was there before the beginning of all time and will also be there at the end. Alpha and Omega.

God, you remain as you are, and your years have no end.

Psalm 102:28

I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.

Revelation 1:8

I think that is good to know that God remains: HE is the rock on which I can build. A foundation that does not break. He is the eye in the storm of time. There we find rest and peace. With Him we can leave our fears and draw new courage for the future. God is always there. A prayer is enough. He wants to have a relationship with you! He loves you! And that is unchangeable!

You can know that. Build your life on Him and you will surely build! It will not always be easy – God does not promise a quiet, comfortable life like a Hobbit has in Hobbiton, but He sends you on a journey. Sometimes it will go well, sometimes it will be a hard struggle. But you may know, He is there!

Be blessed!

P.S. If you are stuck in your life, you do not know how to move forward, what can bring change, then be excited about the second part of “Change” – on May, 9th, 2021 it will go online.

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