Change Part II

When the wind of change blows, some build walls,
and others build windmills.

Chinese proverb

You read last week’s post? Glad you did! It was about change in the world and about God, who is and remains eternal. Today it will be a bit more personal.

Are you dissatisfied?

Some people were dissatisfied with social circumstances. Some people were dissatisfied with technical solutions. People are dissatisfied – with their appearance, their work, their house, their spouse, their place of residence, their friends, their character, some with their whole life.

How is it with you? Are you dissatisfied with your appearance? Do you feel too fat? Is your boss annoying? Are your neighbors annoying you?

Now there are different ways to deal with it.

Whining and self-pity

This is one way. I sit at home and complain about how unfair life is to me and how it’s all the politicians’ fault. And industry’s. The of the rich. The refugees. Society. And my boss even more so. Everything is so unfair! You can make yourself really comfortable in your victim role, give up the reins of action and wallow in self-pity. You can complain everywhere and it’s always the others’ fault. The end of the story is that you become bitter and then you see everything through negative glasses. Quasi a perpetuum mobile of complaining. And everyone else has to improve MY life. Best with a quota regulation, that exactly ME come to MY right.

Please do not misunderstand: There are times to grieve and situations that are truly awful – it’s right that you take time to process it. For me, it’s about the way.

Fall down, get up, move on

That’s the second way. Yes, there are people who look better than you! Yes, there are people who have more money, who have the better job! Is that so bad?

If all people, who didn’t like something, only complained, then there wouldn’t be many things: no human rights, no American war of independence, no French revolution, no inventions (after all, many result from a dissatisfaction with an existing “tool”), no big companies, whose founders often failed before.

What made the difference here was that they did not see them as victims and sunk into self-pity, but acted to improve the situation. They used dissatisfaction as a driving force for something new.

What about you?

Do the same. As a Christian, you can bring your discontent to God and ask Him for change. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the situation will change immediately, but you will get a different perspective on it. And the certainty that you are not alone and that God stands by you. God knows what He is doing and why you are in your current situation.

If you are not (yet) a Christian, I have a message for you: Let your old life be transformed into a new life. This means that you entrust yourself and your life to God. Jesus speaks about being born anew – if that is not a transformation! Your life is not turned from left to right in a moment, but in that one moment you are a child of God with eternity perspective – with divine support and a happy ending! You may know that God’s love for you never changes!

If you want to know more, just write!

Be blessed!

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