Happy Birthday, Jesus!

God let you have a blessed Christmas.
God grant you the necessary peace so that you can engage in
Christmas and the good news.
God take away your worries and fear
and give you new hope.
God prepare for you the space that you need
and where you can be as you are.
God give you the ability to marvel
about the miracle of the birth in the stable of Bethlehem.
God make whole what you have broken
and lead you to reconciliation.
God give you determination, imagination and courage,
so that you can make Christmas for others.
God stay with you with the light of the Holy Night,
when dark days come.
God bless you and give you his peace.

Irish Christmas Blessing

All this wishes you and your family from the team of SalzUndLicht.net!

And have a good time at Christmas – after all, we are celebrating the birthday of the Savior, the Son of God! This is not a serious celebration but a birthday party. So: Let your worries go, invite friends, enjoy delicious food, drink a glass of wine and have a good time!

King Solomon knew this two and a half thousand years ago:

One thing I have understood: A person enjoys the greatest happiness in the short life that God gives him, when he eats and drinks and enjoys himself with all the burdens he has to bear. That is the reward for his toil.

Ecclesiastes 5:17

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